Full moon over Callaghan

$5 Wednesdays at Ski Callaghan might just become a staple of my week 🙂


I’m definitely starting to get the hang of skate skiing. My friend and I even started exploring, and found our way onto some fun black (difficult) runs. Ok, well going down was fun. Going up was rather slow 🙂

Ski Callaghan

And of course the full moon lighting up the mountains was stunning.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We’ve been having the most un-Squamish like winter weather: cold and sunny. I love it!

When the sun is shining, I just want to get out there and play. So yesterday M, Loki and I headed up to Ski Callaghan for some $5 Wednesday snowshoeing. I’d hoped to get up Callaghan in time for some mountain glow pics, but just missed out.

Ski Callaghan

Can you spot Loki in this one?

Ski Callaghan

Yes, the snow was that deep. If only I could bound through chest deep snow and look like a kid in a candy store!


What M and I didn’t count on is just how cold it was going to get. Snowshoeing on Monday night I had my coat wide open, gloves off and debated stripping down to my long underwear. Last night, I was getting chilly wearing both my puffy and ski shell. I think warmer mitts and dry shoes would have helped (and maybe a faster pace). Or maybe I’m not really that much of a cold wimp: I haven’t seen -10C in a long time.

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