Adventure Runs

Ever have a run where you don’t quite know where you are? Or maybe one where you aren’t quite sure where you are headed?

That’s been me lately.

For whatever reason, every time I go up the mountain of Phlegm , I always get turned around. I always seem to come down the wrong trail and end up in a different place than I planned to. I’m never (quite) lost, but double-black mountain bike trails are not really conducive to strong training runs. Neither is checking my phone repeatedly to make sure I’m really going to pop out where I expect.

Or a storm cell moves in just as I’m about to meet up with a friend for a 10k. Well, a technical 10k in the rain isn’t exactly my cup of tea. So we decide to run a different route, making it up as we go. Of course it’s in a section of forest neither of us has ever run before…

Or today, when I left the house with absolutely no plan as to where I was going to run. My first though was the Bluffs and beyond, but somehow I found myself here:

Staring up at some 500m of vertical granite. I think I understand why it’s called the “Grand Wall.” As today’s run veered towards the Chief, I decided to explore some of the climbers access trails. Of course, they weren’t that runnable, but then again, I didn’t really feel like running all that much. So exploring it was – and wow!


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