I’ve been dealing with a nasty case of Seasonal Affective Disorder lately. If you’ve never heard of it, SAD is basically seasonal depression, and it come with all the baggage of depression: difficulty getting up in the morning and finding the energy (or motivation) to do anything. And cravings for carbs. Lots and lots of yummy carbs.

SAD is something that I deal with every year, but this year seems particularly bad. Maybe it has something to do with the massive amount of rain we’ve had this year. We had a record-setting number of rainy days back in October and November (I think it rained something like 57/61 days). December and January offered a brief reprieve, with a mix of snow and sun, but then the rain came back in February (along with a nasty flu), and so far it has rained 27/29 days in March!

All I can say is that I’m really looking forward to seeing the sun again!

But despite all that, I’ve actually managed to get out and do a fair amount 🙂

  • I took a climbing techniques course, and I just on-sighted (on TR) a 5.10+ at the gym. Hardest send yet!
  • I took a lead climbing course at the gym, and so far I’m confident leading 5.8. The 5.9 overhanging lead was a bit of a mind game, and even though I finished, I can’t say I was confident about it!
  • I got out for one two days of outdoor climbing. I almost forgot about the second because I was pretty much a belay bitch since I’d spent a few hours at the gym waiting for the sun to come out.
  • I got out for several ski-tours: Round Mountain (x2), Hollyburn Peak (x2), Mt. Strachan, and Hanging Lake
  • I ran super-consistently in January, not so much in Feb (stupid flu), and I’m getting back to a regular routine now that the count down to Comfortably Numb is on (and the trails are finally beginning to emerge from their blanket of snow and ice).
  • I’ve hiked up the Sea to Sky gondola
  • And I earned to skate ski!

Of course, getting outside and being active are pretty essential to managing SAD – the daylight (even if it is through a cloud) and physical activity are absolute the best things I can do for my mood.


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