2017: the list

Creating an annual bucket list has become a thing for me. Of course, I my lists are always too big to actually accomplish in a season – there are just way to many amazing things to d0! For everything I do check off, there always seems to be another three I discover. Which means that a large portion of this year’s planned adventures are leftovers from 2016. Sigh. But hey! Here’s to another year with lots of playing outside 🙂


  • Comfortably Numb (23km)
  • And maybe another race in the fall?

Hiking & Scrambling

  • Sky Pilot & Co-Pilot
  • Goat Ridge
  • Tricouni Peak
  • Mamquam Lake, the Gargoyles & Opal Cone
  • Brandywine Peak
  • Sproatt Mountain
  • Rainbow & Beverly Lakes
  • Ring Lake
  • Russet Lake & Singing Pass
  • Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk & Mount Price
  • The Lions
  • Howe Sound Crest Trail
  • Baden Powell Trail
  • Locomotive Mountain
  • Chipmunk Peak
  • Downtown Creek Peak 8700
  • Sunshine Coast Trail


  • Summit Mt. Habrich
  • Joe’s Dyke (5.7, sport)
  • Skywalker (5.7, 5p, trad)
  • Deirdre (5.8, 6p, trad)
  • World’s Toughest Milkman (5.9, trad)
  • Star Chek (5.9, 3p, sport)
  • Zoe (5.10a, sport)


  • Extremely Canadian Steeps Skiing Clinic
  • Paul Ridge/Elfin Lakes
  • Journeyman Peak
  • Mt. Brew
  • Mt. Sproatt
  • Brandywine Mountain
  • Ski in Japan


  • Whistler Via Feratta
  • Whistler Treetop Adventure Tour
  • Camp in a hammock
  • Camp under a tarp
  • Keystone/Pebble Creek Hotsprings
  • Meagre Creek Hotsprings
  • Sloquet Hotsprings
  • Porteau Cove

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