Not your typical Tuesday night…

8:20 pm tuesday

It’s 8:20 pm on a Tuesday evening. Instead of settling in for a movie, M, Loki and I are on our way to Whistler for our first ever hike-in winter camping trip 🙂

  • Tent? Check.
  • Sleeping bags? Check.
  • Nutella? Oh crap!

After a quick stop at the store, we’re actually on our way. I’d love to describe some sort of epic adventure, but really, the trip was pretty mundane. If you can call winter camping mundane…

We did learn a few things though. Loki gets cold at night, even snuggled in to me on top of my super warm sleeping pad (Neo Air X Therm – LOVE it!). The spoiled brat crawled right into the sleeping bag between M and I. When I feel like I have extra money to burn, I might invest in a pair of 25″ wide pads so there’s more room for the puppy!

The three of us were mighty toasty overnight. Which unfortunately created lots of condensation. Since it was a one-nighter, no big deal, but in the future we must remember to stake out the tent and open the vents to keep condensation to a minimum.

I don’t like setting up a stove to boil water for morning coffee. I also discovered that our 1L Thermos (but not the smaller one!) keeps water hot overnight. Solution? Boil the water before bed and enjoy my morning coffee in bed 🙂

Nutella and shortbread cookies make an amazing bedtime snack (and breakfast). If you can handle the sugar overload.

Considering that it was our first hike-in winter camping trip, we didn’t overpack too badly. There were a few things I’ll leave behind next time:

  • Fleece blanket (we never did end up using this around our necks)
  • Foam pads for the dog (she slept with us anyways…)
  • Stove and fuel (but only if it’s a one-nighter and we leave after dinner)
  • Playing cards
  • Most toiletries (if it’s a one-nighter, I can just wait until I get back to the car…)




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